Zuckerberg says “I’m Sorry” – Sort of…

May 25, 2010  |  Facebook

You know what I’m talking about.  Sure you do.  You’ve probably had the experience yourself.  Someone says “Gee, if you’re upset by what I did, then I’m sorry”.  It’s a pseudo apology… an apology wannabe.  And that’s what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered to his 400 million-plus FB users this week in the Washington Post.  The column came in the wake of huge controversy over the confusing privacy controls on the social networking site, and over the way FB is now making your data available to third parties.  So what’s the latest?  Let me explain… (More…) 

In the Post column, Zuckerberg says, “We will add privacy controls that are much simpler to use… (and)… give you an easy way to turn off all third party services.”  What he doesn’t say is when this will happen.

Something else he doesn’t say is “I’m sorry.”

With a 400 million-plus customer base, Facebook is a business of gigantic proportion.  When 400 million-plus people are angry with you over what they see as being manipulated and disrespected, you’d like to think “I’m sorry”  would be two words that would come very easily to the company CEO.

Maybe someday we’ll all look back on this as nothing more than a chapter in the history of social media.  As in:  “Remember when Facebook’s privacy controls were so complicated?”  Or, “Remember when FB actually wanted to make our info available to third parties?”  For now, all we can do is wait for Mark Zuckerberg to do the right thing.  Two words.  “I’m sorry.”  The sooner, the better. ;-)

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