Weinergate… Wow!

June 8, 2011  |  Twitter

Hard to believe, my friends, but yes, they’re calling it “Weinergate”.  In the latest sordid example of politicans and Social Media gone wild,  married US Congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending lewd pictures of himself on Twitter to a series of women… women he swears he has neither met nor had an intimate relationship with.  Oh boy.  How many times does it bear repeating?  If you wouldn’t want to see it on a billboard high above the biggest intersection in your hometown, you shouldn’t – repeat shouldn’t – tweet it.  And that goes DOUBLE for politicians!!! (More…)At a tearful press conference this week, Weiner confessed the dirty details, but categorically refused to step down.  Newspaper editorial boards across the US – from the New York Post to the Boston Globe –  are calling for his immediate resignation.  And so are the taxpayers.  Many of them believe this nasty affair speaks to Weiner’s judgement, his integrity and his credibility.  Yes, yes and yes.  Not only did he tweet those pictures, he lied about it for days when the shots were leaked to the media.  Finally, he came clean, but by then the damage had  already been done.

Every late night talk show host from David Letterman to Jay Leno is having a field day with this story, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Anthony Weiner, your tweetin’ heart has gotten you into a heap of political trouble.  Quit.  Do it now.

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  1. Hi, Karen… Thanks so much for your comment! That’s a dishonest politician for you, right? A complete and utter lack of integrity on every possible level. Look at Elliott Spitzer… No sooner was he exposed as a lying, cheating degenerate — than he had a new job at CNN!!! Is it any wonder these American politicos are as shameless as they are? The sad thing is, Mr. Weiner will likely land on his feet someday. Perhaps – if we’re lucky – Karma will catch up with both him and his weiner. ;-)

  2. Karen – I watched this guy’s press conference resignation last night. It was pathetic. He should have stood up at the podium, said “I’m an idiot” (basically) and stepped down. Instead he blathered on about integrity and the strength and being strong and how great he was and blah, blah, blah. The weiner came off looking like a dink.

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