Twitter Revolutionizes Revolutions!

February 12, 2011  |  Current Events

I watched history unfold on television last night.  The kind of history that makes you take mental note of where you were when it happened.  As in, “Where were you when the Berlin wall came down?”, or “Where were you when Elvis died?”  It was that big.  After years of what many of us had no idea was such brutal tyranny, the people of Egypt finally broke free.  As the TV cameras rolled, the protesters in Cairo erupted into a tidal wave of jubilation.  Hosni Mubarak had stepped down as President.  What really got me thinking, though, is the fact that this is truly the first revolution in history that was fuelled and followed on Social Media.  (More…)

Not only did the protesters — many of them young people — mobilize their ranks and organize their massive rallies via Twitter, the rest of the world monitored the progress of the demonstrations on Twitter, too.  Within seconds of the announcement that Mubarak had stepped down, the congratulatory Tweets were flying.

Had you done a quick Twitter search for the key word “Egypt”,  you would have found thousands of messages to check out.  I scrolled through them with my 90 year old mother looking on.  It was a surreal moment… a senior citizen seeing the power of Social Media first hand.  In a way, it was like having a front row seat from thousands of miles away…  A personal connection with the people proudly waving flags in the dark and jumping for joy.  It wasn’t just a monumental day in the history of Egypt.  It was a monumental rite of passage for Social Media.  Not only did Twitter help to create the revolution, it helped the rest of us to follow it, too.  Amazing in every imaginable way, kids.  Just imagine what the future holds. ;-)

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  1. I agree Karen. I think that the internet has become humanity’s greatest achievement and the most powerful instrument to promote understanding and global development. Despots can no longer hide behind veils of secrecy. We have to ensure that the transmission of information remains as free as possible.

  2. Great point, Joyce! Holding the politicians accountable is suddenly a lot more do-able than it ever was before ;-) Thanks for your insightful comment!

  3. Yesterday we all watched and commented as it happened with our friends..”Social media is the new marching masses, trying to keep us all honest and holding us accountable!” What the future holds in social media is anyone’s guess…WOW, it is exciting…


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