Twitter Goes Commercial

April 13, 2010  |  Twitter

If you’re a Baby Boomer, chances are you’re still trying to wrap your brain around what “Twitter” is.  Why are Tweets necessary in life?  What purpose do they serve?  Why should we care?  Millions of people around the world are sending Tweets into cyberspace on a regular basis.  And now comes word they’re going to be “tweeted” to something we all knew was coming eventually:  Advertising.  Tweet mother of God! (More…)

Executives at Twitter are unveiling the plan today.  The ads are called “promoted tweets”.   The idea?  To turn the astounding growth of the company in the last four years into some astounding revenue.  The ads will show up when Twitter users search for key words that the advertisers have bought in order to link to their ads.  For example, if you search “Starbucks” on Twitter, a promoted message will show up at the top of the results to tell you what Starbucks is featuring today.  Roll over a promoted post with a cursor and it turns yellow.

Should we be surprised?  Should it matter?  After all, the idea of being in business is to make money.  Let’s call the glass “half full” here instead of the other way around.  Maybe we should just be happy the world has had four years of enjoying Twitter ad-free.   In retrospect, that really was a tweet deal.

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  1. Ha! You make a great point, Steve. When you think about it, Twitter really is the high-tech equivalent of shooting the breeze with your neighbour over the backyard fence. “Hi! Those rose bushes are looking great! Beautiful day, eh?” The difference is the way the conversation spreads to other “neighbours” who are interested in what you’re talking about.
    And then there’s the way you can direct them via a link to some fabulous article about gardening in today’s paper. You’re right, though. Some things are sacred. Real-life conversations over the backyard fence still don’t have any advertising attached to them… That is unless Home Depot is planning to come over to my house with a gardening billboard this afternoon! ;-)

  2. This bit of revenue wrangling for the Twitter crowd caught my attention as well, and with all media desperately devising new cash grabs you had to know this was coming and will continue…Immediate access is not a “free commodity”

    Its a good thing no one passes gossip and information over the backyard fence anymore, you would probably have to wait for a billbd message to be played on the fence before you could actually start the conversaTion with your neighbour!

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