Top 5 Social Media Trends

July 8, 2010  |  SM Trends

It’s called “”.  Never heard of it?  Consider your eyes opened.  It’s a fabulous website devoted to Social Media – the good and the bad.   You’ll find a great article there this week about the top 5 SM trends.  What does the future hold for all of us?  Fasten your seatbelt, kids, and let’s go for a Social Media spin.

1.  SM will be all about LOCATION.  Using sites like “Foursquare”, people will continue to want to “check in” with their friends and let them know where they are at all times.  This one is hard for Boomers to understand.  Trust me, the young kids these days are all about “checking in”. (More…)

2.  Group buying will become more popular.  Sites like “Groupon” and “Living Social” will allow people in specific neighbourhoods to sign up every day for deals.  If enough people sign up, the group gets the deal.

3.  Mobile ads will continue to be hot.

4.  Mobile payment will become extremely popular.  Your smart phone will give you the power to pay for a purchase at the cash register by credit card.  This is already a huge trend in Asia and Europe.

5.  Corporations will develop Social Media policies.  Period.  Establishing rules and guidelines will become the new normal.

What else lies down the road?  Hard to say.  Wherever the road leads, I’ll see you there. ;-)

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  1. You’re the best, Marianna… Thanks for the lovely comment ;-)

  2. Always ahead of the trends Karen. You make very interesting reading.

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