The G-20 Summit and Social Media

June 21, 2010  |  Social Media for Business

Folks in Toronto, Canada are gearing up for the mother of all upheavals next weekend… the G-20 Summit.  Already, politicans, police and protesters from around the world are  descending on the city and throwing residents into a tailspin.  Not surprisingly, Social Media is in the spotlight, too.  Let me tell you why… (More…)

According to CTV News, Toronto police have set up what they’re calling a “Social Media Hub” where internet users can find out more about the security measures now in place for the Summit.  The hub directs users to five different Twitter feeds, three Facebook pages and a long list of YouTube videos.  Police say the “payoff” here will be “an educated and informed public…”.  Kudos to officials in T.O.  for having the smarts and the vision to invite Social Media to play in the information sandbox.

That being said, you know they must be bracing for the other kids who’ll be climbing into the sandbox, too.  For instance, protest groups are using Twitter and Facebook to coordinate their demonstrations.  And everyday Torontonians are using Social Media to complain about the inconveniences they’re facing this week — everything from snarled traffic to tourist destinations that are closed up tight.

Are the Police happy about all that?  Probably not. But in this age of immediate communication and social media savvy, there isn’t much they can do about it.  We are living in interesting times, Grasshopper.

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