Six Social Media Sins

July 9, 2010  |  SM Trends

One of the toughest things for Baby Boomers to wrap their heads around when it comes to Social Media is this:  SM is not a one-way street.  It’s not the new media version of a TV commercial.  It isnt’ designed to lob your sales pitch at the masses.  What it IS designed to do is facilitate open and honest dialogue with people.  That’s the word from Bloomberg Businessweek.  The site has come out with its “Six Social Media Sins”.  Think of it as a list of what NOT to do out there in cyberspace.  What tops the list?  Follow me… (More…)

1.  You can’t just be “out there”.  You have to work it.  Just because you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “using” social media effectively.

2.  Being insincere.    People aren’t stupid.  They will soon know if you’re using SM in a one-sided way to promote, promote, promote in a bid to make sales and nothing else.

3.  Thinking you’re in control.  Face it.  You can’t control negative comments on your blogs or pages.  No way. No how.

4.  Not listening.  Social media is about listening to people and hearing what they have to say.

5.  Thinking Social Media isn’t work.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It takes a talented professional at the keyboard to monitor, referree and respond to the comments that people make.  Don’t think it doesn’t.

6.  Not knowing your audience.  If you don’t know who they are, what they think and what they want, the experience you have together won’t be a positive one.

So there you have it.  Six Sins you don’t want to commit if you want to be successful in the world of SM.   Now get out there and work it!

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