Privacy and Google Buzz

April 22, 2010  |  Business

You may have heard the buzz this week about “Google Buzz”… Google’s answer to Facebook.  Company execs are hoping that g-mail users will abandon Facebook and embrace the Google version.    Sounds innocent enough.  But Google has set off a firestorm of indignation when it comes to privacy.  The world’s leading privacy regulators are joining forces to fight what they call “the persistent and willful disregard by internet giants of the rights of web users to protect their personal information”.  Why should you care?  Let me explain. (More…)

Seems when Google launched its new “Google Buzz” in February, it exposed the contacts of millions of its “g-mail” email service users.  Privacy regulators are warning companies that there are privacy principles to obey.  And if they don’t comply, they say, the regulators may influence public opinion against them.  That could mean millions of users lost, along with multi-millions of dollars.

Should Google and the others be held accountable?  Is there any question??? In this brave new information age, our most prized possession is our identity and our personal information.  Take that away and we’re not left with much.  Instead of being complacent, shouldn’t we all be outraged?  Imagine the buzz THAT would create. ;-)

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  1. Alvin – you’re not alone. My generation longs for the simplicity of the Jackson 5 Saturday morning cartoons, Commander Tom and Rocket Ship 7. Those were the days. But they are not coming back, my friend. Onward and upward and back to the future! ;-)

  2. I find myself longing for simpler days when Harriet & Nellie Olsen were the only ones from whom you needed to guard your privacy:) Walnut Grove was my kinda’ town.

  3. Ha! Love the comment, Steve. I think you’re right. Millions of people have no idea the extent to which their personal information is being compromised minute-by-minute, day-by-day, and that IS scary. Congratulations on the mime thing… You just might lead the revolution once society has had its fill of high-tech and begins to gravitate toward a simpler life. ;-)

  4. I don’t know do we REALLY NEED another invasive social network, one that already has compromised g-mail users privacy issues …To me all this sharing of information without the user’s permisssion does not bode well.I am a relatively new user on Facebook and many of my friends who raved about it initially now either very rarely go on or have dropped off that site. Your viewers might have a read of Steig Larsson’s trilogy starting with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which centres around a young goth computer whiz who is not only able to hack into major computer systems but create mirror hard drives of those systems which cannot be detected…This is not fiction my friends…so beware what you delve into and leave on your computer screens.As for me , I am learning how to least that can’t be stolen or misinterpreted.!

  5. Good point, Marianna… I’m already at that saturation point you talk about. Still researching Google Buzz to see what it could offer me that Facebook can’t. In the meantime, though, privacy is an issue for all the big Social Media giants – not just Google. I truly believe that we all need to care deeply about our privacy, and be vigilant when it isn’t respected by those giants. ;-)

  6. The internet is like everything else. People reach saturation point. Unless Googlebuzz has a USP people will come to it only and when their friends do. It could be a while.

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