“Please Don’t Jump!”

June 14, 2010  |  Facebook

Let’s face it.  The controversy over Facebook is never going to end.  With half a billion users now, the issues surrounding privacy, security and safety are even more of a concern than ever.  But once in awhile, a story comes along that encourages you to consider the mammoth networking website in a new light.  Case in point… A Canadian woman has started a Facebook page called “Please Don’t Jump!”, which apparently has become an internet sensation.  The story not only involves some raw emotions, but politics, too.  Let me tell you more… (More…)

Seems Kimberly Furnell of B.C.  saw a post on the website “postsecret.com” last weekend… a place where people tell – you guessed it – their innermost secrets.  This person identified themselves as an illegal alien in the U.S., said they felt unwanted and in despair, and detailed plans to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francsico.

“I just didn’t feel I could brush my teeth and go to bed”, Kimberly says.  She created the page last Saturday night, hoping this person would see it, regain his/her hope, and stay off the bridge.  In the space of a few short days, the page has attracted a whopping 47,000 people.  Already, Kimberly has received emails telling her the page has helped save lives in dark moments.

Social media + politics + compassion = reaching out and helping.  Facebook isn’t all about the dangers of cyberspace.  Sometimes it’s about the love floating around up there, too. ;-)

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