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April 23, 2010  |  Facebook

There’s a national hamburger chain in Canada that found a formula for success many years ago:  give the people what they want.  How do they do that?  They personalize your burger.  All the fixings are right there in front of the customer, and you tell the teenager behind the counter in the wacky hat exactly what you want.  Onions, pickles and mustard?  No problem.  Tomatoes, relish and lettuce?  Coming right up.  Well now, Facebook is about to personalize the internet for you.  And it’s got a LOT of people talking.  Want to know why?  Grab your burger and come with me… (More…)

The CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg.  He unveiled this new personalized internet concept during a convention of web developers in San Francisco this week at the “f8″ Conference.   How does it work?

As a Facebook user, it means that you will be able to see a web that is tailored to your personal interests.  For example, when visiting a website for the first time, as long as you’re logged into Facebook, you’ll be able to see which of your friends likes a certain article, a certain picture or a certain song.   If you’re on a music site, it might automatically start playing music from your favourite band.  You’ll also be able to share items on your Facebook profile from that site without leaving it.  Custom… and all about “you”.

Zuckerberg adds, “There’s an old saying that when you go to heaven, all of your friends are there and everything is just the way you want it to be.”

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Sure, it’s designed to help Facebook sell more advertising — much the way Google already targets ads at those users who key-in  specific search words.  But on the other hand, it’s going to change your experience of the internet.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Only time will tell.

The question is, do you really want Big Brother to know what kind of a digital footprint you’re leaving out there in cyberspace?  Do you want the marketers to know?  Do you want the criminals to know?   Hmmmmm…  Take a bite of your personalized hamburger and chew on that for awhile. ;-)

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  1. Jeff… LOVE your comments!!! I think we need to get YOU a Social Media website ;-) Really!

    Everything you say is true. We are a trusting lot. Why? Because we can’t imagine in our wildest dreams that anyone would want to be that much of an evil crook. By and large, we are honest people who were raised to treat others the way we expect to be treated ourselves.

    The old TV classic “Lost in Space” comes to mind. Remember “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”??? I think we ALL need to approach Facebook, Twitter, and the internet in general with a HUGE grain — make that brick — of salt. Our cyber footprint is out there, and now that Facebook has come up with these changes, it’s going to be out there in an even more public way than before. At least Boomers have the good sense to be aware of the potential danger. It’s the kids who need to keep their eyes wide open instead of wide shut. And we need to help them.

  2. It’s funny…….the first thing that comes to mind is that when you order your burger, you then give cash which makes it a private deal between the two of you… the customer and the dude in the whacky hat being the vendor. The only foot-print is the reciept which we all know ends up in the trash.
    Facebook and the internet ????? Not so much. I am one of those businessmen that put off entering cyber-world as long as possible. For years, staff would chuckle when I would leave them a sticky-note and they would refer to it as “J-mail” . I had to face my fears and open up an e-mail account and start the wheels in motion.
    In 2003 my better half and I were heading to Florida for a vacation and I knew exactly where I wanted to stay while taking a one day detour to our final destination. I googled the hotel along with its address and presto, there it was right in front of me. Would you like to make a reservation ? Of course I would so I clicked. What day ? I hit the drop box and high-lited the day. How many of you ? 2 adults and one muppet. Credit card and expirey date? Done. Confirmed and feeling pretty good cause I just saved myself a lot of time and got a bit of a deal. Maybe I was too hard on this “Internet” thing.
    The vacation went well and back to Ontario we came. The following friday, my sweetie and I went to a local eatery for soup and salad and a cocktail each. The bill = $ 38.00. Credit card, DECLINED. This was a corporate card for a company I OWN !! and since we knew the server personally, I told her there had to be a mistake and to try again. She said “I knew you would say that so I did and it won’t work”. I then gave her my personal credit card and all was good.
    Since there was no credit limit on the company card, I was bothered the entire drive home so I called the 1-800 number on the back of the card and was told that my card had been frozen due to “over-active international activity”. Seems a travel agency in Paris France had put through about $ 37,000.00 worth of airline tickets that week with the actual card, not just the number, while I had been using the card here in Canada. Long story short, the bank covered everything and I ended up with a new card number BUT what I did learn was that in most cases, even though you type in the name of the hotel, you are actually directed to an on-line reservation web-site that is NOT owned by the hotel. I trusted that hotel and once again lost all faith in the internet.
    My burger came the way I ordered it, but what happened with my credit card was a huge lesson regarding my Cyber-world Footprint.
    I am not saying there isn’t any good to the net, but with every success, there has to be a failure. With every winner, a loser. I guess I learned who the winner was as well as the loser. Has Facebook already determined the winner and the loser of their new venture, cause you can bet your ass there will be one !!
    Just sayin…….

    Jeff Leal
    General Manager
    Subaru of London

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