Opting Out? I’d rather Opt In!!!

June 4, 2010  |  Facebook

Another news conference by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week.  And more indications that instead of making FB security settings simple and user friendly, the company continues to defend the “opt out” route.  What does that mean for you as a consumer?  Well pull up a chair and let me tell you, pardner. (More…)

Here’s how the privacy settings on Facebook work.  When you open an account,  all information sharing features are turned “on” by default.  That leaves you wide open.  Wide open.  Complete strangers will be able to access your private information.  If that’s not what you had in mind,  you have to “opt out” of each individual setting.  Confusing and time consuming, no doubt about it.

Critics say it should be the reverse.  You should start with a blank slate, and then build a custom security set-up by picking and choosing the settings you want to turn “on”.  This way, you’re in charge… you’re the master of your Facebook domain.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only way to go.  The trouble is, the company is reaping too many benefits by leaving things as they are.  “Quit Facebook Day” didn’t have the impact its organizers were hoping for this week.  Seems not enough people are sufficiently bothered by these privacy issues to walk away.  Maybe what we need to do is give it time.  The more we learn about the dangers, the more we’ll want to protect ourselves and our kids… the more we just might consider saying “goodbye” for good.

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