Oprah and “No Phone Zone Day”

April 30, 2010  |  Social Media Safety

She’s smart, she’s insightful, she’s incredibly wealthy… Oh yeah… And she’s probably the most powerful woman on the planet.  OPRAH.  And today, Oprah is using that power to change Social Media society for the better.  She’s calling it “No Phone Zone Day”, and you’re going to be hearing a lot about it. (More…)

It’s a nationwide campaign designed to convince drivers not to text or talk on their iPhones, Blackberries, smart phones, etc. while they’re behind the wheel.  In some Canadian provinces and a few US states, it’s already against the law.  But the rest of North America is dragging its heels, and Oprah is savvy enough to know that the politicians in Washington need a little push.

The talk show queen is calling on the legislators to make it illegal to talk or text while driving… In the same way it’s illegal to drink and drive, or to drive without a seatbelt.  She’ll be in Washington D.C. today, and she’s also staging rallies in other major US cities.

Thumbs up to Oprah for stepping up to the plate and taking action.  Thumbs down to the politicians who just don’t seem to get it.  Society has changed DRASTICALLY over the past few years.  Millions and millions and millions of people are so hardwired to their phones that they’re willing to risk their LIVES to answer that ring behind the wheel.

Get a grip, people.  Is there ANYTHING about that call that would justify you causing a potentially fatal accident?  Do you think so little of your life and the lives of others that you’d be willing to DIE over that phone call?

Come on.  THINK ABOUT IT.   And if it takes Oprah Winfrey to convince you to think about it, that’s fine by me. ;-)

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  1. Marianna… Great to hear that England is leading the pack when it comes to safety and phones! Thanks for giving us that information. ;-)

    Sean… Thanks for your comment! The province of Ontario in Canada is also way ahead of most U.S. States when it comes to legislation re: phones behind the wheel. You’re one of those people doing everything right! Right on!

  2. I have a bluetooth headset and I’m complying with the new law. What else should I be doing? I’m certainly less distracted doing that than I ever was when I had three small children in the car all those years ago. Not everyone has a driver to take them around Oprah so when you actually drive yourself then you get a say. Geez I hate that woman.

  3. Over in England it is illegal to use your cell phone while driving. It has been for about 6 months. You can also be charged for fiddling with your sat nav.

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