Music and the Power of Social Media

June 18, 2010  |  Twitter

His name is Justin Bieber.  You know who I’m talking about… the 16 year old singing sensation from Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  The kid is a pop phenomenon who’s taken the MTV crowd by storm over the past year or so.  He’s also a pretty clever guy who knows exactly how to use Social Media to fuel his career.   One tweet from Justin Bieber to his frantic fans is enough to inspire hysteria.  Now, a group of high school students from Justin’s hometown are hoping it might be enough to inspire fame and fortune for themselves… (More…)

According to Canada’s national newspaper – The Globe and Mail -  the students have actually beat out Beiber on the iTunes Top 100 this week, thanks to a song they wrote and produced themselves.   It’s called “Summer Never Ends”, and it has soared to number 66… unbelievably beating out Bieber and other such industry heavyweights as Drake and Nickelback.

With the help of a local music producer, the kids in Stratford started a hardcore Twitter campaign, reaching out to Bieber fans via two of the popstar’s buddies (one of whom is in his band).  Both these buddies have tweeted about the song, and all that tweeting has resulted in iTunes purchases as far away as Japan and the UK.

Organizers for the kids from Stratford are working on an endorsement tweet from Bieber himself.  And in this world of SM recommendations, that would be the Holy Grail… something that could just put them into the iTunes Top 10.

Really.  What amazing changes Social Media is making in the world.  We now live in an age when high school students can record a song, launch it on iTunes, and actually see it climb up the chart thanks to Twitter.  A lot of Boomers out there are jealous, I’d say. ;-)   What about you?

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  1. Love your can-do spirit, Catherine! I think you make a fantastic point here. Young people today are dealing with a completely different reality from ours, aren’t they? You’re right — When we were kids, it was a massive undertaking and achievement to get a song recorded, market and promote it. “Fame” was something thousands of kids dreamed of because it was so elusive – so difficult to attain. Now, instant celebrity is at our fingertips. All you need is a video camera and some technical know-how and BOOM – you’re on YouTube with exposure to millions of eyeballs. A great lesson, no doubt! If the kids can do it, we can too!

  2. What I find most amazing about this story is how easily this generation thinks in terms of social media. In the dark ages, when I was young, it would have taken a major effort to just get a song recorded, let alone market and sell it. These kids just seem to put it out there, send it off to their friends, and see what happens. The optimism is awesome, and this is a great lesson for people trying to launch a business. If the kids can do it, so can you!

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