Kidnappers on Facebook – You can run, but you can’t hide

June 7, 2010  |  Facebook

Lots of Baby Boomers don’t see the point of social media.  “Why should I care?” is the question they love to ask.   However, it seems that law enforcement is now caring in a big way.  Last week came word that more and more divorce attorneys are using Facebook to find the evidence they need to go after cheating spouses.  This week, a story from California about a mother who used Facebook to find her long-ago kidnapped children.  Imagine this woman’s surprise when she did a search on one of her children’s names on FB, and actually got a reply! (More…)

The un-named woman lost her son and daughter in 1995 when her then husband made off with the 2-and-3 year old toddlers.  In March of this year, the woman did a search of her daughter’s name, found her, and the two began exchanging messages.

Police eventually arrested the father in Florida and charged him with two counts of kidnapping and two counts of violating child custody orders.

Sure – Facebook is a fun place to catch up with old friends.  It’s also a place where people can track you down.  Even if you don’t want to be tracked down.  Truth is, in this age of social media, you can run, but you cannot hide.  For kidnappers, perverts and all matter of other criminals, it’s bad news indeed.  The rest of us should be smiling. ;-)

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  1. Lots of “dark sides” to Facebook…Isn’t it reassuring to see the light once in awhile??? Thanks for your comment, Sean!

  2. Anything that catches criminals and reunites parents with kidnapped children is a good thing. Hope it happens more often!!!

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