It’s Christmas Morning Thanks to My iPhone 4!!!

August 2, 2010  |  iPhone

I have to admit, folks… I haven’t felt this excited about a new toy since I was 5 and Santa brought me a “Chatty Cathy” doll with a string you pulled out of her back to make her talk.  You guessed it.  Last Friday, I was first in line at my local Telus store for the latest in state-of-the-art high tech:  The iPhone 4.  And I promise you, I haven’t been disappointed.  New to the world of smart phones?  Let’s hit the “App” button for “iPhone 4 tutorials” and take her for a ride… (More…)

The last phone I owned was an LG cell phone.  Your basic garden variety meat-and-potatoes “do all the basics and nothing more” cell phone.  Imagine the brave new world I’ve stepped into!  It’s like Dorothy going from the black-and-white of her farm in Kansas to the glorious technicolour of the Emerald City.  Night and day.  No comparison.

The most astounding thing about the iPhone 4, in my humble opinion, is the fact that it literally puts the World in the palm of your hand.   Huge strides in technology have allowed we humans access to any bit of information our heart desires – WHILE WE ARE ON THE GO.  No longer chained to a computer, we can check email, read the morning newspaper online, check the weather with our Weather Network app, make a call or two, Google a thing or two, then put it all in our pocket or purse and head off to face the day.

As the day unfolds, we are connected to anything we need, wherever we are.  It is “The Jetsons” come true.

My brain is still having trouble stretching itself to the dimension required to believe that all this is actually real.  Will I get tired of it?  Hmmmm…. That’s what my mother wondered after Santa dropped my “Chatty Cathy” doll down the chimney.  40 years later, Chatty Cathy still occupies a place of honour in my home.  I’m sure my iPhone 4 will be the same source of endless fascination… a “Toy” in the best possible sense of the word. ;-)

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  1. I got mine today!!!! Now I need to test Facetime with another iPhone 4 owner. Wanna play with some new technology? Send me your cell number by email and we’ll test this cool new feature out and report back here. Cool? Hell ya!

  2. Ha! Cathy… Thanks for your comment!!! Don’t be apprehensive… No need at all. Remember how daunting it was to learn how to ride our bicycles when we were little? We couldn’t imagine ever being able to do it without falling off. But somehow, we just kept trying, and one day — poof!!! There we were… Riding down the street and waving!!! It’s the same with learning how to “ride” your smart phone. Think of it as a toy, and the time you spend with it “play time”. Instead of watching half an hour of TV at night, why not spend half an hour with your iPhone? You’ll be amazed at how quickly you actually get the hang of it… I promise!

  3. Cam… Huge thanks for sharing your brilliant point of view from across the Pond. ;-) Even though I’ve only owned mine for a few days, I can see the life-altering potential of it, too. Hard to explain to someone who has never had one – just how it expands your perspective on the world. I feel like my eyes were open before, but now they’re STAPLED OPEN!!! I find it’s also a conversation starter in social situations. I took it to a party on Saturday night, and suddenly I had something to talk about with all the techno-geeks who already had it figured out. The voice recorder is amazing… and I cannot WAIT to do my first video-call with the Face Time feature. You’ve got a point there… Maybe Apple IS a new religion ;-)

  4. Sean… What I love about your comments is that they’re always so incredibly well informed. You are obviously an expert when it comes to all things technical, and those of use who are just trying to keep up appreciate your take on things more than you know. I like your warning to us not to ignore the advances being made by other players in the industry. Change is the constant here, right? We need to be willing to adapt to what’s new and leave what doesn’t work behind. You inspire me to stay plugged in and to work on my “A Game” when it comes to technology… Thanks for your enthusiasm and the joy you take in climbing into the high-tech sandbox to play. ;-)

  5. You get me excited about wanting to try a phone with apps, but I am also aprhensive. There is a learning curve, playing time and getting to know what you have on the gadget. I just can’t make that commitment. But, I would love to try it.
    But, I am really really envious that you still have your Chatty Cathy doll. But, didn’t outlast my two little sisters.

  6. Welcome to the brave, new world Karen. About time. lol I echo Cam’s thoughts in that the iPhone has changed the way I work and play because now I can take work with me wherever I go. Not always a good thing but in a pinch I can do about 90% of what I do at my desk from my iPhone. However, lets not get caught up thinking that the iPhone is the only device that allows you to “Work From Phone” (patent pending on that phrase, it’s mine). I’ve been getting my email on my phone and syncing my calendar and contacts with our corporate email system since the days of the Treo 600. That was truly the first Smartphone that anyone wanted to carry around with them and it started this marriage of phone and hand held computers. The BlackBerry still reigns supreme in the corporate environment because of it’s flawless (99%) delivery of email and it’s excellent interface with Microsoft Exchange. BlackBerry’s PIN to PIN messaging is still the only feature I truly miss from my BB days.

    The iPhone has certainly brought the concept of an all-in-one device to the consumer side with total domination. However, it would be folly to ignore the advances being made by other companies like HTC and Sony with their “Social Networking” phones. We may very well see a split in the category of Smartphones between the corporate centric device and the consumer centric device very soon, if we haven’t already.

    For me, the iPhone is the perfect bridge between both worlds as it works with my work’s corporate email system when the BlackBerry wouldn’t and it lets me continue on as the avid iPod user I always was in one device.

    I get my iPhone 4 tomorrow (hopefully) and this will be my third iPhone. I’ll never be without one again……unless something better comes along. Isn’t technology fun?

  7. I don’t have the 4 yet. I had just upgraded to 3Gs in January so I have a little over a year left before I can upgrade.
    The iphone has really changed my life. How? I use it to wake me up in the morning (alarm). I check to make sure my train is on time, check for tube delays, read several different news sources, check my personal and business email, listen to my music (or a radio station if I’m in wifi). I sync it to my Macbook Pro, so my calendar is updated, take photos of bands I work with and record samples of their music…and I am more in touch with my friends and business associates in Canada and the USA as I use Facebook and Twitter as I take the train home from London England. It really is amazing.
    There was a recent article wondering if Apple has become a new religion…not sure about that, but it is a life altering experience.

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