iPhone Hesitation?

April 27, 2010  |  iPhone

Last week, I visited a place that every geek dreams of… They call it Paradise… They call it Nirvana… They call it… the Apple Store. As I walked past the sliding glass doors, the angels began to sing.  No, really.  Now let’s get one thing straight.  Technically, I am not a geek.  I have a real appreciation for all things technology, but I do not lay awake at night dreaming about gizmos and networks and pods.  I went to the Apple Store to find out more about the iPhone I’ve admired from afar for months now.  Why did I wait?  Good question.  I was waiting for the price to come down and the service packages to shape up. (More…)

What I discovered was a world beyond anything my own mind could imagine…  A world of internet connectivity, miniature cameras, and more apps than Steve Jobs could ever count.  Apps that can tell you the title of a song when you hold your phone up to the radio in your car… Apps that can magnify a restaurant menu when you’ve forgotten your reading glasses… Apps that can tell you where to find a product for the cheapest price when your iPhone scans the barcode.  “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how amazing it really is.

A lot of Baby Boomers out there wonder if we really need this technology.  Wasn’t life a lot simpler when we all had a rotary phone hanging on the kitchen wall?

The answer is yes, and yes.  Sure, life was simpler back then, but it was also a lot slower.  Among other things, this technology is making huge strides in the world of medicine… helping doctors in remote locations of the world access the information they need to make a diagnosis or treat a patient hundreds of miles away from a hospital.  It’s helping disaster response teams in places like Haiti locate the people who need urgent help.  It has a myriad of applications that go so far beyond magnifying your restaurant menu it isn’t even funny.

Many of us are hesitating to jump on the new technology bandwagon.  Maybe we need to stop making excuses and start doing our research.  Once you get past the initial investment you make in buying the phone itself, and the added cost of  a data package, it really could make life a lot more interesting.  Still hesitating? I think there’s an app for that ;-)

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  1. Marianna… Just putting it out there… Maybe the secret is for you to get one, too. There must be an app for “conversation” ;-)

  2. Please feel for us iphone widows and widowers. Once that square gizmo comes into the house conversation goes out the door.

  3. Great to hear, Kathilee! Sounds like you’re a Boomer just like the rest of us… You never really pictured yourself as an iPhone booster, but now that you’ve taken the plunge, you’ve never been so happy swimming around in the high-tech pool. A gadget that enhances daily life… What’s not to like about that? Can’t wait to one in my hot little Boomer hands. ;-)

  4. Well it took me awhile but I am now officially a rabid iphone promoter. Even having the phone since the summer I hesitated to really embrace it. But recently I started using it to screen rough cuts for work – at my convenience whenever or where ever I wanted! Then my 8 year old started suggesting aps and before I knew it I had stepped over to the other side. My iphone is amazing. It is the handiest gizmo I have ever owned and I am not a techno – if anything I’m a slow adapter. Why simply lug around a phone when you can have a gadget that also happens to enhance daily life?

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