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June 16, 2010  |  iPad

I was up too late for my own good last night, flipping back and forth between Letterman and Leno.  Leno was talking with a 20-something actress whose name I didn’t catch, but who was likely one of the stars of Twilight.  (Aren’t they all?)  The conversation turned toward the iPad.  She actually had one.  And boy, did she love it.  Let me tell you… Apple got a peach of a free commercial on national TV thanks to her.  And another thing…  (More…)

Brace yourselves, kids.  Experts tell us the iPad will someday be as ubiquitous (read: “everywhere”) as the livingroom television set.  It will revolutionize the way we do just about everything… everything from how we watch television programming to how we surf the internet to WHERE we do all these things.

If you’ve ever needed proof of the iPad’s power to change both us and the world, take a look at the video link below.  It’s gotten almost a million hits on YouTube, and it’s fascinating.  Even CHILDREN love it.  It’s Steve Jobs’ wildest dream come true. ;-)

2.5 Year Old Meets iPad

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  1. Sean… The greatest comment ever!!!
    Not only do I want to go get one now, I want to learn as much as I can about what it does. As you say, the applications will be endless. And what I use mine for will be different from what you use yours for, and so on and so on… I’m especially fascinated by all the ways in which the medical community is going to put it to work. Maybe this calls for a trip to the Apple store to try one on for size. Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m still saving for my iPhone and my Mac laptop. Maybe I’ll fire off an email to Santa at the North Pole. I hear it’s slow this time of year… He just might want to help a girl out. ;-)
    I’ll tell him you sent me. Thanks for sharing your expert opinion!!!

  2. Oh ya, in case someone asks, it plays Solitaire too.

  3. I’ve had mine for 48 hours and I know one thing for sure..I’ll never be without one again. My biggest challenge so far has been explaining what I need it for. In my job I provide IT support for a large base of iPhone users so the iPad is a natural extension of that role. However, it’s not an iPhone replacement and it’s not a laptop replacement. It’s a new segment that Apple has introduced and it will define itself as users find their own uses for the iPad. I’ve shown mine to at least fifteen different people and each one has come up with a different task that the iPad would be perfect for. From a sound guy who would use it to program and remotely operate an audio console to the Superintendant who can see text books becoming a thing of the past. Your iPad will be different than mine and different from your friends. Don’t think I’m on to something here? Go try one for fifteen minutes or ask a kid. Like the video showed it’s so easy a two year old gets it. Have fun discovering what your iPad can do for you!

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