Holy Social Media! The Pope Tweets!

July 4, 2011  |  Twitter

No, you weren’t dreaming.  The news really did come out a few days ago that … drumroll please…  the Vatican is embracing Social Media.  Yes, the Pope has sent his very first tweet.  Talk about two worlds colliding. ;-)  Check it out for yourself.  Do a Twitter search for “Vatican – News” and you’ll find it.  Want to send the Pope a message?  He’s waiting @news_va_en.  Grab a seat, and I’ll tell you more… (More…)At the age of 84, Pope Benedict the XVI went in front of the TV cameras last week and tweeted from his own personal iPad.  Okay, so he needed a little help from his papal assistant friends, but hey, he did it…  And  the implications are enormous.  If the Vatican – arguably one of the most powerful institutions on the planet – can see the power of Social Media, you can bet that there’s about to be a global sea change.  The fun part is that all of us are watching this chapter of history unfold from a ringside seat.  If the Pope is tweeting, look for other religious leaders to embrace Twitter in a very big way, and FAST.  The question is, exactly what will these people do with it?  How might their tweets change the world?  For good? For evil?  Stay tuned, kids… Oh, and check out the video…  Pope Tweets

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