Happy Worldwide Social Media Day!

June 30, 2010  |  News

You remember the way CNN covers New Years Eve celebrations around the world, don’t you?  First, it’s fireworks down under at  Sydney harbour.  Then, it’s the South Pacific… then Russia… then India, Europe, South America, North America… around the world we go.  Well hold onto your party hats, kids, because you’ll see the same kind of thing happening today as the Social Media community here on Earth celebrates Worldwide Social Media Day… (More…)

Time zone after time zone, the planet will drink a toast to SM one country at a time.  Japan has already done it’s thing.  So has Taiwan… And the rest is yet to come.  90+ countries are holding “Meet-Up” style get-togethers featuring guest speakers and plenty of fun, frivolity and schmooze.

Why should you care?  Good question.  You should care because this is a huge wake-up call for all of us.  Social Media has gone SO mainstream that it actually has it’s own “Day” — and not a “Day” in name only — a day of celebration and education and professional development around the WORLD.

We are in on the ground floor of a huge shift in the way the world communicates.  It may not feel like it to you, but you are witnessing history.  It’s on par with the year the telephone started appearing on the wall in people’s kitchens… Nothing was ever the same after that.  And nothing is the same now, either.

So pour yourself a cocktail, and let’s drink a toast to Social Media.  Who knows where the road is leading?  Wherever it leads, it’s a whole lot of fun being along for the ride. ;-)

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