G20 Protesters Harness Social Media

July 2, 2010  |  Social Media for Business

Ever wondered how the world might have turned differently during the Viet Nam war if all those protesters in Washington had had access to more than just placards and megaphones?  What kind of impact could they have had with Twitter and Facebook at their disposal?  Well look no further than the G20 Summit in Toronto for your answer… (More…)

Thanks to the hash tag(s) set up in advance, the tweets that flew back and forth all weekend long seemed more of a true reflection of events than the mainstream media reports.   Bloggers, journalists and protesters alike were reporting their eye-witness accounts at #g20, giving instantaneous details that television often didn’t have the speed to convey.

In a great column this week, Reka Szekely, of “www.durhamregion.com”, writes “On Saturday, I had CBC running in the background, but my attention was firmly on Twitter as hundreds of tweets tagged #g20 were posted every few minutes.”

When I was young, I went to University to study reporting… it was a “calling” back then.  Now, thanks to the advent of Social Media, anyone can be a reporter.  How will conventional media adapt to all this?  Time will tell. ;-)

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