May 17, 2010  |  Facebook

You knew it was coming.  Last week, some very high profile tech experts around the world – Leo Laporte for one – publicly announced they were deleting their Facebook accounts over privacy issues.  This is one very nasty piece of public relations trouble for the folks at FB.  Now comes word of a new website called “FacebookSearch” which publicly exposes embarrassing and potentially job-threatening FB messages posted by users who likely don’t realize their privacy settings are turned off.  Yes, it’s for real. (More…)

According to media reports, the founders of this website say they don’t have any “malicious intent”… They just want to show naive Facebook users there are real consequences to their online behaviour… and to not guarding their privacy.

Programmer Will Moffatt says: “Basically, unless you go through all these byzantine steps, your stuff is public…You tell people, but they just don’t get it, so I thought we’ve got to come up with a way to really show people something they can actually understand.”

Check this site out.  You won’t believe it.  The things people are saying about their bosses, their jobs… the list goes on.  Maybe it will knock some sense to everyone’s head.  Remember that old saying… If you wouldn’t want to see it on a billboard in the middle of town, DON’T put it on the internet.

Words to live by.  And now FacebookSearch makes it official. ;-)

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