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June 28, 2010  |  Facebook

You knew it had to happen.  Eventually, all good stories hit the silver screen.   Hollywood steps in, works a little movie magic, and voila – a blockbuster.  And the story behind the creation of Facebook is no exception.  This Fall, “The Social Network” will be hitting a theatre near you.  Written by Hollywood heavyweight Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”, “A Few Good Men”), it promises to dish the drama and the dirt behind the most successful social networking site of all time.  Why should you care?  Let’s talk… (More…)

Right now, Facebook boasts close to half a BILLION followers.  The promotion it will get from this hot new movie will only mean more publicity, more buzz out in the world, and ultimately, more money for the company and for CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has been taking the heat lately over privacy issues connected with Facebook, and his image is in desperate need of repair.  Is this movie what he needs to usher him back into the good books of parents, teachers, law enforcement officials and other folks who say FB isn’t as safe and secure as it should be?

Time will tell.  In the meantime… Click on the link below and check out the trailer for yourself.  Oh, and put the movie premiere on your calendar for October… I’ll buy the popcorn  ;-)

The Social Network

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