Facebook “Panic Button” Now Available in Britian!

July 13, 2010  |  Facebook

It’s been in the cards for awhile now, but today it’s official.  Facebook users in Britain can now add a “panic button” to their profile to report and prevent malicious behaviour on the social networking site.  What kind of malicious behaviour?  Bullying and sexual harrassment.  The special app was created by The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre – a British law enforcement agency.  Why the need?  The call for a panic button began after the murder of a 17 year old girl by a 33 year old convicted sex offender posing as a teenage boy on Facebook. (More…)

The panic button is a link to 10 different sources of help – including The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre website.  The idea is – if someone is causing you to feel uncomfortable online, you have someone to tell… before it’s too late.

Back in North America, there appears to be no such move to make a “panic button” available.  In April, Facebook updated its “Safety Centre” to improve user controls, and added an “informational section” for teens.  But as you might expect, it isn’t all that user friendly or “in your face”.

Maybe now that Facebook has bowed to pressure in Britain, the same might happen here on this side of the pond.  One this is for sure, though.  It WON’T happen until we put their feet to the fire.

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