Facebook Drama

May 13, 2010  |  Facebook

It’s kind of like watching a car wreck on the highway.  You know that it’s wrong, but something won’t let you look away.  Drama.  Lots of drama.  Well, you don’t have to be on the highway this week to find drama.   Consider the folks at Facebook.  According to the website “All Facebook – the Unofficial Facebook Resource”, execs at FB have called a meeting at head office this afternoon to talk about the company’s “overall privacy strategy”.  Some are calling it a “crisis” meeting.  The move comes amid increasing controversy over changes FB has recently made to privacy controls – changes many believe are eroding our privacy in a nasty way. (More…)

Trust is the issue here.  Facebook has lost ours.  We’ve heard how FB is sharing our information with “third party websites” without our knowledge or understanding.   A number of people have begun deleting their profiles (or at least disabling their profiles… FB doesn’t seem to allow you to truly “delete” anything at this point…)  And when that starts happening, the execs at head office start to sweat.  When even SOME of your 400 million users are threatening to take their social networking business elsewhere, yes… that’s a pretty good excuse for a meeting.

Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Over at Google, the corporate motto is “Do No Evil”.  Facebook, meet Google.  ;-)

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