Erik Qualman and Social Media

June 10, 2010  |  Videos

All of us who are Baby Boomers remember the lyrics to the old Beatles song… “You say you want a revolution…”  Well, we’ve got one on our hands here in 2010… a social media revolution.

And Erik Qualman ought to know.  He’s the author of the book “Socialnomics”, and he’s considered a social media guru in the world today.  Qualman has produced a string of great videos to introduce us all to the basics.  i.e. Why is social media such a driving force in the world today?  Why is it NOT going away?  Why should I learn to embrace it?

So click on the link below, take a look, and let me know what you think.  I want your REACTION to all of these astounding facts and figures.  And trust me, they ARE astounding.  ;-)    By the way… While you’re at it… Crank up the Beatles, would you?

Social Media Revolution 2

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