Don’t Reveal Vacation Plans on Facebook!

If you really, truly think about, it makes perfect sense. Sharing your vacation plans online is just plain stupid.  And now, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has officially agreed.  The federal agency has come out with a warning to all of us who surf through cyberspace and sail the high seas of social media…  (More…)

Officials at the CAFC say there are two glaring reasons why we need to keep our holiday plans to ourselves.  First of all, thieves who gain access to your Facebook posts are smart enough to figure out that if you’re on vacation, you’re also not home.  That means they can target your empty house for a nice, juicy robbery.  The next reason is a little more ominous.  Crooks who know you’re on a beach on Antigua also have the ability  to extort money from your friends and relatives.  How?  That’s simple.  By calling them up and claiming that you’re in trouble in a foreign country, and you need money wired immediately.  Yowsa.  If the prospect of extortion doesn’t smarten us up, I don’t think anything will.

Remember:  Facebook is a place for you to connect with friends and share in some good natured fun.  It is not a place to expose yourself to crime.  Seems to be taking us awhile to get it through our thick heads.  Trust me… The sooner the better.

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