Happy Worldwide Social Media Day!

June 30, 2010  |  News

You remember the way CNN covers New Years Eve celebrations around the world, don’t you?  First, it’s fireworks down under at  Sydney harbour.  Then, it’s the South Pacific… then Russia… then India, Europe, South America, North America… around the world we go.  Well hold onto your party hats, kids, because you’ll see the same kind of thing happening today as the Social Media community here on Earth celebrates Worldwide Social Media Day… (More…)

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Social Media and Feeling the Earth Move

June 25, 2010  |  News

Thousands of Canadians felt the earth move this week.  No really.  The earth moved.  If you didn’t feel the rumble, you sure heard the media – and your friends – talking about it.  A quake measuring a healthy 5.0 on the Richter scale rolled through southern Ontario.  The epicenter was in Ottawa, but thanks to Social Media, it was the shock heard round the world.   People across the province were tweeting and texting and Facebooking their hearts out.  It’s a great example of the way SM comes into play when people are either afraid or facing disaster.  Let me explain… (More…)

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