It’s Christmas Morning Thanks to My iPhone 4!!!

August 2, 2010  |  iPhone

I have to admit, folks… I haven’t felt this excited about a new toy since I was 5 and Santa brought me a “Chatty Cathy” doll with a string you pulled out of her back to make her talk.  You guessed it.  Last Friday, I was first in line at my local Telus store for the latest in state-of-the-art high tech:  The iPhone 4.  And I promise you, I haven’t been disappointed.  New to the world of smart phones?  Let’s hit the “App” button for “iPhone 4 tutorials” and take her for a ride… (More…)

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Steve Jobs has a Bad Day!

Steve Jobs has a Bad Day!

June 8, 2010  |  iPhone

This, from the “Whew, I’m glad it’s not just me!” department.  Yesterday, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs was in San Francisco, trying to show off the newest iPhone.  “Trying” is the operative word.  Try as he might, he couldn’t convince it to display web pages for a comparison demo with the previous version of the iPhone because too many computers were clogging the wireless network.

“Well, jeez, I don’t like this,” he complained to the crowd.  Jobs tried one, two, three times … And we all know that it’s three times you’re out ;-)

Check out the video link below, kids…Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about my high tech issues.  You?

Steve Jobs has a Bad Day

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iPhone Hesitation?

April 27, 2010  |  iPhone

Last week, I visited a place that every geek dreams of… They call it Paradise… They call it Nirvana… They call it… the Apple Store. As I walked past the sliding glass doors, the angels began to sing.  No, really.  Now let’s get one thing straight.  Technically, I am not a geek.  I have a real appreciation for all things technology, but I do not lay awake at night dreaming about gizmos and networks and pods.  I went to the Apple Store to find out more about the iPhone I’ve admired from afar for months now.  Why did I wait?  Good question.  I was waiting for the price to come down and the service packages to shape up. (More…)

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