Can We Talk? No, Really…

May 28, 2010  |  Uncategorized

Went to the salon yesterday to get my hair cut.  It was my first time there, and had a great time talking with Ana.  Loved the hair, loved the conversation.  We started talking about social media, how it’s changing the world and people’s attitudes.  And then she said something I’ve been saying for ages now… She said that young people don’t know how to socialize in the real world because they’re too busy texting in the virtual one.  Right on! (More…)

Ana’s got it right.  Go to the salon, and the idea is to talk.  “What are you doing on your holidays?”  “How was work this week??” “What did you think of Sex and the City 2?”  Seems the kids sitting in her stylist chair just aren’t interested.  They have their eyes glued to their iPhone instead of looking into the eyes of the person who’s talking to them.

Someday… maybe not tomorrow… but someday… this is going to come back to bite society in the butt.  This generation of young people that seems to know nothing but technology – seems to know nothing about personal interaction.  How will they run the world ten years from now if they’ve never learned how to talk to people?

In my view, schools need to respond by introducing courses into their curriculum that address oral communication and manners and etiquette.  Oh, and how to think about people other than yourself.  How many times have you seen a young person – or an adult for that matter – blithely chatting away on the phone while someone is personally serving them at a store counter or in a grocery store?  It’s all about me, me, me instead of us, us, us.

We’re all in this together, folks.  We need to be caring, compassionate and respectful of one another… And that means we need to TALK. ;-)

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